The one who won’t give you Roses !!!

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Every girl lives in a surreal world… dreams of a man who would shower her with expensive gifts…..


Take her out to fancy dinners…….



Give her Roses !!!


BUT…..The girls need to know life is all about small things and big gestures. The one who won’t give you roses and fancy gifts… who is unable to remember your birthday, but would treat you special whenever possible. If you have such a man in your life… don’t let him go…

My life with my husband started with the strangest gifts… I clearly remember the occasion, it was just 2 weeks before our wedding, when he had to meet my friends to get their approval as well… he came to my house, and had a gift bag in his hand.


My friends were pretty excited about what he had it in the bag… as soon as my mom called him for dinner, and He left the guest room. My friends rocketed towards the bag, and opened it… and we all burst into tears while laughing….


The bag had ‘glucose’ and ‘a Panadol’…..

Reason : I was sick with Malaria… at that time I felt stupid in front of my friends… but now I think it was pretty amazing of him.

I was always bothered about his approach towards giving gifts. Until I actually started using them. Some examples of his gifts to me are

  1. Ankle support

I am kind of flat footed!!!


  1. Thermal Suit/leather socks

He knows I feel cold, and I hate wearing sweaters!!!


  1. Thermal Mug

Coz I love my tea really hot!!!


  1. Different kinds of comfy shoes

Those which would make my day to day work easier.


And yes, he knows I love snow globes… So he gets me those too…




But mostly He gives me the things that I will utilize and the ones that will make me comfortable. All this shows he cares for you. if you have such a man in your life … cherish your relationship with him.

If that is not love I don’t know what is!!!