Makeup And Beauty Trends 2018

Makeup And Beauty Trends 2018
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Looks like 2018 would be  my favourite year based on lifestyle and makeup trends… Don’t Believe Me… Check this out…

Glitter Sparkle and Glam Are Back In Town…!!!

Eye Lashes Or Falsies Are Ranked number 1 on Trends for 2018.

From drug store products to high end brands all companies are focusing on Bright, Glittery and Metallic Eye Shadows… Pigments and Sparkle are everywhere to be seen…

Bright Eyeshadows are kicking Neutrals to the Curb…  Pallets are in and single shadows are out…

Major focus is being lead on the Glittery and breath taking packaging by brands to catch the customers eye…

Highlighters are the talk of the town even this year n the Craze is increasing day by day…

LIP Gloss, Lip Tints and Lip Balms Are Back to make their Mark…! Even Lips in 2018 are all about Bright Colors, Glitter and Mettalic Look…!

Trends for 2018 have numerous benefits such as Softer Skin, Smoother Lips, and Hydrating Hair. So We can just say about Everyone will be Incorporating Oils into their 2018’s Beauty Routines.

Foundation has always been an important aspect of daily makeup routines but recent launch of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, which offers wide range of colors the demand for a foundation that Actually Matches Your Complexion Has Boomed…!


Chocolate Brown is the Crown Color for Hair 2018. Long Straight Hair or Slight Waves Will Be In…

Facial Masks are Here to Stay…

So Go Crazy With Colors and Enjoy The Glam Glitter & Gossip Coming Your Way…!


Sahar Khan



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