My New Year’s Resolution…

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YEAR 2018

Hello, Peeps…! Sub say phalay Happy New Year To All of You…! Hope This Year brings with it the Hope for a New Beginning, some New Possibilities, and many New Dreams to Fulfill Ameen… !

I wanted to write this blog Yesterday but my kids were sleepless in Seattle mode… phir raat kay 5 bajay  un ko maaa per tarsss aahee gayeh so they went to sleep and I finally got some time to write this blog.

As you can tell my post is about New Years Resolution but before jumping into that I would like to Thank ALLAH Pak for  blessing us with Wonderful times in last year. 2017 was full of surprises… opportunities for making our future secure and the best thing was the Birth of My Youngest Baby… Mohammad Mikael Khan My Methaa Larkaaa 😍

Now coming back to the topic, every year millions of people list down their aspirations, aims and targets and promise to fulfill them in the new year. Woh alag baat hai Kya in Resolutions ko we take seriously or not 😁😉



1) Weight Loss: have to lose 15 to 16 kgs this year…. I have to Restrain Myself from eating Brownies and Cakes as Much as Possible…! And I Mean It…! At least  I Hope So… 😎


2) Plan more activities that bring Me Happiness and Pleasure.

3) Become a Full Time Blogger: for that I need Persistence, Stability and Determination which I have now but mein Bohaat jaldi BORE hojate houn… I need change…. But This Time I Will Stick To What I Have Started IN SHAHALLAH…!


4) To Travel: Anywhere Whenever Possible…!


5) To Be a Better Person.


6) Most Important I’ll be Punctual In Offering My Prayers… IN SHAH ALLAH


I would like suggest you all to let go of grudges and avoid Negativity… Try To Find Good In Other… Take Charge Of Your Life In Your Hands and Be Happy…! Most Importantly Show Gratitude… Be Thankful… Inspire Others and Get Inspired…

Happy New Year Once Again…



Sahar Khan