Shogran Valley, A Trip To Remember..

Shogran Valley, A Trip To Remember..
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It was summer of 2016 when My Family planned a Trip to Shogran Valley. As we were alone we decided to invite my best friend’s family to come along. They agreed and Our Fun Journey Began…

We were 4 adults and 3 kids in our car. On our way My husband got us some juices and chips and we munched all the way till we stopped at Abbottabad. There we had most scrumptious Lunch, which was the traditional Shinwari and bar-b-que. Then we travelled towards Mansehra District. Mansehra is the district head quarter, also have Manshara city which is surrounded by lush green hills.

Our next stop was Balakot and we had our dinner there…. because the journey towards Shogran was long and it was already sunset we decided to spend night at the hotel. The dinner was nice and we enjoyed it while looking at the Kunhar River that flows opposite to the hotel and viewing Full Moon above Our Heads…

Next morning we headed towards Shogran and Boy It was Mesmerising…! We had our breakfast at Pine Park Hotel, it’s a very famous place which offers beautiful view and individuals huts type units for the tourists…

We Enjoyed the Lush Green Gardens… The over all view and took lots and lots of pics…

We had wonderful time… So Refreshing and So Full Filling…!

Our Country Pakistan is so Beautiful… So Unique… Guys get out of your homes and go out… See The Beauty of Your Own Country and help the Tourism Grow…!

I would highly encourage you all to take some time out and travel… See The World… Wander Around and Explore… You will grow this way and your body will be charged with positive energy… Make Memories To Cherish One…!


Some Facts About Shogran:

Shogran is a hill station situated on a green plateau in the Kaghan Valley, northern Pakistan at a height of 7,749 feet or 2,362 metres above sea level.

Shogran is opened for visitors in summers and winters.  Staring from June till August every year is the peak season for Tourism. During this period, weather remains pretty pleasant. Temperature ranges between a maximum of 20°C and a minimum of 3°C at night. Moonsoon winds bring heavy rains with occasional hail storm. Unexpected thunder storm and heavy rains keep environment cool and sometimes create difficulties for visitors to move around. Warm clothes are recommended for nights due to low temperature. Heavy snow keeps valley covered throughout the winter season.

Shogran is located at a distance of 34 km away from Balakot.

Hotels and motels are available at affordable costs. Mobile phone services is also available there… The local people are friendly and peaceful. Most tourists enjoy sitting in huge lush green lawns… Entry might be restricted when senior officials visit or stay at rest houses. Views of Sri Paya and Musa Da Mussalah Peak are Breath Taking….

P.S: Pics are take by My Cell Phone and My Friend Camera…


Sahar Khan



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