How To Dress Up Like A French Man, School Activity

How To Dress Up Like A French Man, School Activity
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The Idea for this blog post came when My Son Raphael got a Circular from his school, Beacon House about ‘Culmination Day- France ‘. They kids were  supposed to dress up in french attire and were asked to take any French cuisine in lunch.

At School the kids were taught about French Culture, Their history, Famous Places in France, Famous French Cuisine and all… At Culmination day I send Raphael dressed in Casual wear just the way French people Love to dress Up.

The task was to send my child to school dressed as a French Man. I did my research and came the conclusion that French people Loves to dress up in Casual way and by Casual I don’t mean anything or everything. By French Casual I mean Something which is Classy, Stylish But Comfortable…! Although  it looks like they grabbed the first thing handy, but they actually put a lot of thought into it and never leave a chance to make a Statement out of what they wear…

Teenagers like to wear sport shoes, sweatshirts and low-rise or slim jeans nice shirt on top. Hard rock and metal band T shirts are not cool thing to wear in France. Men prefer a long sleeve shirt, which they then roll. Black and white Strip are their favourite print. Khakis are know to be most favourite among boys and men…

Trendy tennis shoes like Converse or Bensimon are quite In in any age group. French dressing means you have to accessorize yourself, use of bags, Scarves, Shoes, Chains, Bracelet, Watches and Glasses are among Compulsory Items and this is the part which is played by top of the line brands… from Your shirt to Your pant… from Your jacket to Your shoes even the casual look most of them has to be Branded… But Remeber French won’t sacrifice their look to Comfort… Even for a business meeting they prefer a Casual Business Look..

Now that I have given the proper idea of what French or Parisian Man likes to wear, I will show You what My Son wore on France Day…

We bought a Jacket, Khakis, dress shirt, scarf and a hat. I paired the dress with his blue boots…

Individual Pics of the Clothings…

At School the kids Performed Tab Dance and Spend their time by doing activities which promote The French Culture…

If you guys are interested in purchasing any clothing item then Check Out The Links Below:

Breakout Jacket:

Shirt by Hopscotch:

Khakis From Dinner:

Shoes are from Outfitters:

Scarf By Bonanza:

Model: Mohammad Raphael Khan

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