Top Ten Must Visit Places In Islamabad

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Islamabad My Home is the 2nd Most Beautiful Capital in the World. The city is a perfect Combo of Green and Clean… Especially in Spring… But We Love Autumn Too when Green Leaves changes into Orange n Coppery Colors and The reflection of the Sun on them is just breath taking, making the city more Beautiful… Islamabad is a small n peaceful city. It’s safe for Family as well as Individuals movement… Top Ten Must Visit Places With Family and Friends In Islamabad Are:

1: Faisal Mosque is among the top places to visit in Islamabad and the major tourist attraction. It’s the fourth largest mosque in the world in terms of capacity. It is so massive that it covers an area of 5,000 m2 and can accommodate over 250,000 worshippers in its inside and outside grounds.   Faisal Mosque is famous for its Contemporary design by Turkish Architect Vedat Dalokay.  It has the shape of a Bedouin Tent without any Typical Dome and Arches…

View From Daman-e-Koh

2: Pakistan Monument is situated in Islamabad at Shakarpariyan hills. It has the shape of a Blooming Flower, The Four Big Petals represents Pakistan’s Four Provinces (Punjab, Sindh, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan) while the Three Smaller Petals represents it’s Three Territories (Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Kashmir and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas).The monument was constructed to symbolise the unity of the Pakistani people.

3:Lok Virsa is a Cultural and Heritage Museum in Islamabad that exhibits the different Lifestyles of people of Pakistan in statues, pictures, pottery and textile form. I would highly recommend you to visit Lok Virsa because the work done there is phenomenal and provides a perfect picture of how time has changed the civilizations.

4: Saidpur Village situated on the slope Hills in Islamabad is one of the oldest villages of Pakistan. More than five hundred years old Saidpur Village is known for its heritage, history and folklore. It serves as a picnic spot for both locals and foreigners. It has an art gallery, a temple, old style houses, several restaurants and shops to keep you busy. Soft tones of Rubab playing at the steps of gallery adds a pleasant feel to the trip.

5:Rawal Lake is the perfect place to visit If you want a good time with family or friends. You can rent Paddle Boats or Motor Boats to explore the lake.The is a Park with lots of Swings for kids too… Apart from the Lake and Park there is a Large Birds Aviary which has about 1200 Species. It is Unique Aviary in Sub-Continent with the Natural Inhabitant Of Birds. It is really very Amusing for the Visitors. The ideal time to go here would be atleast 2 hours before sunset cuz that why you can enjoy a bit of the surrounding area and then be able to capture lots of Beautiful Pics…

6: Daman-e-Koh, is located half way up the Margalla Hills. It offers a picturesque, panoramic view of Islamabad. Daman-e-koh is among the most favourite sites for both tourists and locals. Tourist enjoy the folk music while moving around. There are many tuck shops but the most famous one is the Pan Shop, which is as old as Daman-e-koh itself and offers uniqueness to its customers.

7: Monal if you drive up, a little further from Daman-e-koh, you will reach Monal. Monal is the most popular Restaurant in Islamabar because of its Location, here you can enjoy authentic Pakistani dishes like Desi Bar-b-que, Biryani, Handi, special Morning Nashta (Breakfast). Apart from the delicious food, the view is stunning…!

8: Hotspot serves scrumptious homemade ice-cream, cakes and other mouthwatering desserts… Now it has expanded from its original location in F7 to smaller shops across Islamabad. Hotspot has a Vintage Look, the walls are covered with Interesting Posters of old Bollywood and Lollywood Movies, Truck Art and Comic Books. Youngsters like to hangout there very often…

9: Jinnah Super is the supermarket and it the most accessible place for shopping in Islamabad. It is located in the F7  and it offers all sorts of shops like  Gift Shops, Famous Brands, Jewelry Stores, Books Store, some really good Local Brands of Handicrafts, Dhaba-Style Restaurants as well as some well known Food Franchises …

Old pic of Jinnah Super Market

10: Rose & Jasmine Garden is famous for its Ravishing Roses (250 varieties of roses) and dozen types of Jasnines. It’s a Perfect Place for Family Picnics, Reunions, Camping, and also has a great play area for Kids. Seasonal flower shows are also the part of the Festivity, people who loves flowers visit this garden for relaxation and detox…

And if You like to visit Malls for Shopping Then visit:

Centaurus Mall

Safa Gold Mall 

Giga Mall

Hope you guys enjoyed reading: Top Ten Must Visit Places In Islamabad

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