7 Reasons Why You Should Dress Up Nicely

7 Reasons Why You Should Dress Up Nicely
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Dressing well and looking good is what I have learnt from My Mother and My Elder Sister Bajo… And Boy Believe Me when You are Dress Up Nicely You Unlock Many Locked  Doors…! 😉😎😍
Here are 7 Reasons why you should always look good and dress well

1: You Deserve It…

You are Born Once so why waste Your time in Not looking after Yourself… Dressup Nicely and Create a Statement…! If You don’t Love Yourself Who will…?

2: You’ll Get Confidence…

Always dress up the way you want and let the world know how Special You are to Yourself…! Your Style of Dressing up gives You Uniqueness and You will Become more and more Confidant with time…

3: You’ll Leave An Impression:

Remember boring clothes never attract anyone… Looking good and being dressed up always leaves a good impression on the people. They will notice You and They will Respect You for being Active n Tidy…

4: You’ll Receive Compliments:

When you’ll look good, people will notice you, when people will notice you, they will not stop themselves in giving compliments to you. Compliments will make you feel good and you’ll automatically have that smile on your face.

5: You’ll Become More Productive:

You feel lazy and sleepy when you are not dressed well… But when you look good, You feel Fresh and Active.  You do Your work done Efficiently. Your Creativity and Productivity will increase too…

6: You’ll Never Know Who Will You Run Into:

When You are least bothered about your dressing, Your make up and hair, You’ll ran into Your Friends, Boss, Colleagues or even Your ex. So, to avoid these kinds of embarrassment, You should always look good and dress Your Best.

7: You’ll Become An Influencer: 

You get Energy to Influence others and promote whatever You feel like. People will start following You because of Your Fashion sence and Trendy Dressing Styles…

So why wait for another day, Get up and Dress Up ! Dress Up To Impress… ! Dress Up To Kill 😉😎


Sahar Khan



  1. Alayna Khan
    March 14, 2018 / 7:02 am

    👍 Right on spot

  2. Mikael Khan
    March 28, 2018 / 9:35 am

    Good post