Trip To Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir

Trip To Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir
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Today’s post is about Our “Trip To Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir”

🍃Azad Kashmir is a globally recognized heaven. It is all due to the vibrant green valleys that spellbind You once You catch their sight…

🍃Kashmir is a valley of high lush green mountains, waterfalls, abundant lakes and a wildlife adventure to experience atleast once in a lifetime…

🍃So now coming back to our trip, We spend Our Eid in Kashmir…! Surround by the Spectacular Hills Of Neelam Valley was so much Refreshing…!

🍃I’ve never seen a lush green place like this in whole Pakistan…

🍃The sound of the Neelam River is so Soothing and yet terrifying when You travel upwards through the Mountains…❤ Kashmir is simply Beautiful…!!! So Serene…!!!Trip To Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir 🍃We spend 3 days and 2 nights there… we went to Sharda, Karen and dhunyaal, stayed in Valley Tracker, A hotel just near the Line of Control…!

🍃 The Azan we heard was coming from occupied Kashmir made Us realize We are One and no Line or Borders Can Separate Us…! Loved the weather there… !

Trip To Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir

✔ The best thing about Kashmir is Female Liberty… We saw them walking and doing work freely…! They were not afraid of what the other gender might do…! They said They are Safe here…! People respect and Honor the females which is a Big Thing… We can’t roam around like this is big developed Cities the way they were moving around the valley…!

Trip To Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir

👉 Places To Visit In Azad Kashmir when You plan a Trip To Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir:

  1. Neelum Valley
  2. Rawalakot
  3. Banjosa Lake
  4. Jhelum Valley
  5. Ramkot Fort
  6. Toli Pir
  7. Pir Chinasi
  8. Leepa Valley
  9. Red Fort
  10. Shounter Lake

Trip To Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir

🍃 If You Love traveling as much as I do then Kashmir is a Must Visit Places For You…! ❤

Trip To Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir

Hope You Guys Enjoyed The Post… What’s Your Favourite Place To Visit In Vacations…?

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