Good Bye Year 2018

Good Bye Year 2018
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“A dream doesn’t become reality through Magic, It takes Sweat, Determination and Hardwork” Colin Powell

Year 2018 has been very kind to Me, Shukker ALHUMDULILLAH. I recieved so much Love, Appreciation, Support and Respect from all of You. I made some wonderful friends too…

In Jan 2018 I decided to presume My PASSION for writing, photography, makeup, travel, socializing and for LIFE…

So on 7th January 2018 Glam Glitter Gossip was born. I was not aware of how I’ll manage a Website, Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Pinterest and Instagram, all I knew was this time I want to do something, something for MySelf…! I took baby steps and in no time I was collaborating with Prestigious Brands, International Brands to be more specific…! It was a Hugh Hugh Honour for Me cuz I was not showing My face but My work was appreciated…!

Thank You My Readers, Facebook Group Members we are a Family of + 37 K and 17 K on instagram…! ❤ I’m all excited and My arms are wide open to Welcome Year 2019🎉

So Here’s hoping that every day of this New Year is filled with Happiness, Success and Prosperity for Everyone…! Ameen Sum Ameen ❤

P.S: “As soon as You pursue Your dreams, You life wakes up and everything as a meaning” so keep dreaming and keep chasing them…!

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