Pixi Rose Caviar and Flash Balm Review

Pixi Rose Caviar and Flash Balm Review
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Spring is here and It’s a time for new skin care routine. Today’s post is about Pixie Rose Caviar and Flash Balm Review. These both products are from Pixi Beauty’s Rose Collection.

Rose Caviar Essense: 

Pixi Rose Caviar and Flash Balm Review

🥀 The Rose Caviar Essence is really lightweight and is a nice brightening serum under moisturizer.

🥀 This weightless serum-essence from Pixi melts onto the skin. It is formulated with antioxidant-rich natural oils to soften, refine and tone.

🥀 The oils are released as You rub in the essence, so You get both hydration and antioxidants in one fell swoop 👌

🥀 And no, there’s no real caviar in there. That’s just a beauty term for encapsulated active ingredients. So, have no worries about smelling fishy…! 😂 instead it has a smell just like refreshing rose water.

Pixi Rose Caviar and Flash Balm Review

🥀 It sinks in super fast, making it the perfect base for putting makeup on top right away.

🥀 Plus, it’s a tube, which makes it great for travelling…!

🌹 The Rose Flash Balm:

Pixi Rose Caviar and Flash Balm Review

🥀 The cream has a very light peachy pink tint and a pretty strong rose scent that lingers quite a bit after application.

🥀 Easy to spread, it sinks in immediately and leaves no tackiness behind. It’s completely oil free.

🥀 The Rose Balm feels lightweight and hydrating on skin but Keep in mind it’s not overly hydrating and for me it works best as a hydrating primer and a mask for skin boost, before makeup’s application.

🥀 The only thing I noticed is I have to take it in less quantity otherwise sometimes it starts to peal off so remember lese is enough.

🥀 #rosecaviaressence and #roseflashbalm are perfect combo for a long-lasting base.


Pixi Rose Caviar and Flash Balm Review

🥀 I’m happy that both My powder and liquid foundation went beautifully on top on them ❤

👉  Which Skincare Combo Works Best For You…? Share In Comments Below.

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