Daily Concepts The Multi Functional Soap Sponge Review

Daily Concepts The Multi Functional Soap Sponge Review
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The Multi Functional Soap Sponge by @dailyconcepts in Mother of Pearl is a new soap in My use these days. It exfoliates with a mild texture, deep cleans and clarifies the skin, with the Mother of Pearl as main ingredient.

It is Innovative and multi functional design, Something I have never seen before.

Soap is infused with a sponge, creating a soapy and exfoliating experience 👌

Daily Facial Dry Brush has been part of My lymphatic drainage daily routine, what I liked about this brush is that the brush is very soft and should not irritate My skin.  It is completely vegan.

I would recommend You guys to try this Soap at least once because it’s a unique experience ✅

👉 Have You used anything like this…?


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